Monday, March 23, 2009

part time job in EPI CENTRE Pavillion

Ok, after happen on the bad incidents, looks like my luck was change into better.

Yup, exactly, because I have start my part time job since last friday, working as a part timer in EPI CENTRE (Apple Premium Reseller) in Pavillion. I choose to work in this place is because this place is a good environment to learn a lots of things. Such as interactive skills with customers, product knowledge, learning some new gadgets and much more!

At the first day, i was nearly lost in sales figures (that will be horrible after stand there more than 6 hours without any returns!!!). Finally, at least I have open 3 bills , near RM 1,000 value in that night.

Well, it seems to be funny what i mention now, but I can tell you all that MAC OS X leopard or even other Apple Product are not really MOSNTERs that uncontrollable. It just that not as popular as our common-used of Windows Application.

Therefore from now on, I will take some idle time to mention about some new gadgets on the Apple Product in following post.

Anyway, since Maxis and Apple have been collaborated in a project for the Iphone 3G, so below is the link can have a review if you all interested to get 1 unit of this latest and hottest gadget in the town!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

oh gosh!!! AGAIN.....

This few days feel really dizzy...NO... Actually, it should be said start from last 2 weeks I felt very DIZZY!!!...

All of these was happened when I was just finished my final day of 1st term examination. I thought that when I reached to my home, I could enjoyed to listen my latest downloaded album (a UK singer, some sort like Craig David style, but not like Shayne Ward). So, at the morning, I did not switch off my PC due to this reason.

But somehow, weird thing was happened, my PC was shut down as well at that moment. So, I started suspect on my Power Supply, but I test it, it works. When I open the cover of casing, I have smell a very deep burned smelly, I suddenly remembered that: OMG, DON'T TELL ME THAT IS THE MOTHERBOARD BURNED? I REALLY DESPERATELY NEED TO KEEP MY SAVING FOR LONG TERM...I REALLY DON'T WANT TO SPEND ANY COST ON MY PC ANYMORE....

So, I sent over to my friend's house, due to he has all the equipment for testing and modify. When I just opened the cover, he already mentioned: GOSH, so heavily smell, let me checked your motherboard.

After few minutes, it really CERTIFIED SPOILT!!! OMG, really need to spend money, why my luck is so bad....... due to the time is not allowed me to buy a new motherboard, I decided to wait for a week (fortunately that week is very free, nothing much to do...)

So, last friday, I have decided to buy the new motherboard with another new power supply (for long term protection), and sent over my motherboard to claim the warranty.

I thought that everything can go smoothers. However, weird thing was happened AGAIN!!!

And this time, I really don't know whats' going on as well...I have no choice, and called my friend to fetch me went over to Low Yat Plaza, sent over my whole PC to let their technician to have a check, need another 3 days.

All of this mess my life undeniedably. Now I hope that every parts in my PC can be work without any replacement...