Friday, June 12, 2009

The day I dont want to remember....

Well, more than a months no update this blog, now got something to write.

12 June, my birthday, whenever every year come into this day, I really hope that can pass through faster, because I REALLY HATE THIS DATE.

I always remember my birthday due to thanks for my mum born me into this world. But I hate it due to I am always such like BORN TO BE INVISIBLE in this world.

Yes, I am existing in this world, but I am such like an unidentified person in this world too. I only have difference compare to those poverty kid in Africa is I got my family and home. Other than that, I am such like them. Besides, I am also such like a soul with a body shape. That's it.

Even people wishing me happy birthday, I feel like nothing at all. This kind of no celebration birthday I already pass through more than 20 times. I am not to said I am emotional, but try to understand, a man live in this world such like invisible. It is really incredible and unbelievable.

I don't know what to do now, Even people who wish me Happy Belated Birthday, I will only answer Hmmm....(because already meaningless at all).

So, What I can do...... I really don't know......Coz even today I also need to work....and somemore work under bad mood.....

Fine, thats all I can said......I really hope that my birthday can be remembered in future