Thursday, April 30, 2009

The one who I dream of...

Well, In this world, there are lots of different kind of people (either gentle or lady),
They can be pretty like Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba or even Scarlet Johanson, and handsome
like Josh Harnett, Orlando Bloom or even Zack Efron.Thus, whoever they are, they are celebrities,
movie stars. In my life, exactly is quite hard to find anyone of them in that kind.
As for me, they are brilliant in their life, and they are too famous. Without any VIP status, is really hard
to recognise them to be their friend.

The one who I dream of is quite special, too pretty face normally will made them to be charming, but at
the same time become arrorgant at the end. Therefore, I love those people who are normal nice looking,
have personal characteristic which will attract people to know more about them. Well, of course, if one of them (lady)
can be my soulmate in my life will be my 'bonus' that I dream of.

When I was working near 1 year time, I found out a book very famous at that time "THE SECRET", in one of the
chapter, it have mentioned that "If we always think that we are unable to have our dream of person, you will become like an ostrich,
only know to hide when you meet someone who are pretty or handsome, which made us feel like being discrimated."
Because of this word, awake me from the darkness in a deephole of mind. Why not have a change like Ballack Obama said:
"Change for what we want to be".

Thus, the one who I dream of, certain condition as above I have been mentioned, like Ballack Obama, he is a self-confidence person,
like Scarlet Johanson, knowledgable and self-esteem person, like Zack Efron, always cheer up people feeling and etc. People like them
are young, charming, and really special. I really hope that in my life, I have the chance to meet this kind of people to be my friend or
even my soulmate.


  1. no la... orlando marvin la... hehehe.. guess who are me??